Finally started an update page. Everything from 12-06-08 will be added
Texas Model Aeronautics Foundation
Update page
12-06-08 Moved Dads info from front page to DSA
12-06-08 Moved 4th of july pic's from front page to photo page
12-06-08 Added more pic's to Bob's shuttle page and added small video to front page
12-07-08 Added parade plane to front page
12-08-08 Added Bob info to spotlight member page, fixed TMAF future completion to open in pdf. file
12-08-08 Added update page
12-08-08 Updated members page
12-11-08 Updated parade plane pic's
12-13-08 Moved parade plane pic's to photo page
12-13-08 Added Vally Mills Christmas parade pic's
12-14-08 Updated Roster
12-26-08 Added Swap Meet page
01-03-09 Added control line circles to home page and moved shuttle video to orbiter page
01-10-09 Updated members page

02-06-09 Updated swap meet page, indoor flying date
02-06-09 Updated swap meet page, indoor flying date
01-15-09 Updated swap meet flyer
03-22-09 Updated swap meet page, moved Valley Mills Christmas parade to photo page
03-29-09 Updated swap meet page, added map and driving directions
04-05-09 Updated swap meet 
05-20-09 Moved swap meet to photo page added Mike Staas logo on front page and links page
12-11-09 Added Gerogetown Swapmeet to 2010 swapmeet page
02-13-10 Updated swap meet 
04-01-10 Updated location/map page. added driving directions map to front page
04-18-10 Removed swap meet flyer form front page, updated swap meet page
05-18-10 Added Video page
05-19-10 Added new Video's
05-22-10 Added 2 new Video's
05-27-10 Updated members page
06-10-10 Added new video
06-29-10 Added new video
12-04-10 Added doc file for roster
12-11-10 Added New Roster xls file and tailgate party pic's
01-08-11 Updated Swapmeet page
01-29-11 Updated Swapmeet page and Member page
02-01-11 Updated Member page
03-17-11 Updated Member page
03-20-11 Updated Member page
05-14-11 Updated Member page
06-21-11 Updated  Main page
07-07-11 Updated Member page
08-24-11 Updated Member page
10-13-11 Updated Member page
1-1-12 Added night flying pic's and moved trailer pic's to field pic's page
7-22-12 Updated Member page
10-28-12 Added Whitney Flyin
11-12-12 Added Whitney Flyin link on front page
03-14-13 Updated Roster
04-29-13 Added new runway pics
05-06-13 Added new runway pics added runway page and installation instructions
05-06-13 Added new runway pics updated instillation and stitching pic
05-14-13 Added Glow and Gas fuel to FAQ on runway page and Staple instruction
05-27-13 Added Pilot station and shelter info
06-02-13 updated email notifications
06-08-13  Added Aerial pics on front page
07-09-14  Added 4th of July Pics and updated roster on members page
11-05-14 Updated Member page
08-28-15 Updated Member page
12-14-15 Updated Member page
04-18-16 Updated Member page
12-16-16 Updated Member page
01-01-17 Updated Member page
07-22-17 Updated Member page Added Max A. Blose R/C Field info
08-05-17 Updated Member page 
08-31-17 Updated Member page 
09-18-17 Updated Member page 
12-16-17 Updated Member page 
2-28-18 Updated Member page   Moved Max A. Blose field to his own page.
5-15-18 Updated Member page   
9-24-18 Updated Member page   
1-15-19 Updated Member page   
2-25-19 Updated Member page   
6-9-19 Updated events page
7-8-19 Updated home members pages
8-24-19 Added SPA Flyer and moved Flying to a new page
3-20-20  Updated Runway page. Added the use of 10 in nails. Updated members page and added SPA link to links page.